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History of Dodge Warlocks

The Dodge Warlock idea originally began as a concept vehicle and was part of Dodge's late 1970's "adult toys" lineup. It was a short wheelbase regular cab Utiline pickup truck that was first produced in very limited numbers starting for just a few weeks during the end of the 1976 production year. 

The Warlock was well received by the public so it then went into regular production from 1977 to 1979. They came in Black, Green, Orange or Red. All had Black interiors. They had real Oak bed rails, special wheels and were uniquely pinstriped inside and out. They were available in 4x2 and 4x4 drive trains. The 4x4 models were named Power Wagons. It could have come with the standard Slant six, the 318 with either a 2 or 4 barrel carburetor, the 360, the 400, or the massive 440. The 318 was the most common engine selected for all years. 

The 440 was by far the rarest and as few as  only 10 have been estimated to have been produced from 1976 through 1979!

About this rare 440 Warlock

Any first year Warlock is rare since they were built for only a few weeks during the last couple of months of 1976 production, You won't even find any factory brochures on the Warlocks until 1977! Most were 2 wheel drive 318 trucks arriving into a few select dealership showrooms to display late in the model year.

The 440 engine was mainly reserved for use in bigger work trucks, motor homes and such.

So the thought to build a big block 440 short box Power Wagon 4x4 W100 Utiline Warlock pickup would seem absurd!

But yes, they built one!

This was the one and it was also optioned with A/C, automatic, bucket seats, power disc brakes & power steering! This truck was special ordered in 1976 as a Detroit Executive demo, driven two months and then shipped to a dealership to be sold. All of this is documented with the original dealer invoice & the original shipping order paperwork which also documents all of its factory options!

Warlock Collectability

As collector trucks from the '70's go, the Warlock is arguably one of the most sought after. Their rarity, variety of options, engine choices and great looks make them highly desirable and valuable by todays collector car and truck enthusiasts. The original factory 440 big block versions are very rare and were only built for just part of the Warlocks total production run. And as a credit to their popularity, Dodge Ram has just reintroduced the Warlock again for 2019! Its brothers, the '78 Midnight Express and the '78-'79 Lil Red Express Trucks, are very popular as well. 

Keep an eye on the truck collector scene. You will see that ALL brands of 1970's trucks are starting to pull big dollars and are now being collected, restored and or preserved!

A first year built pre-production fully documented 1 of 1 big block 440 Warlock Power Wagon just might be the

"Hemicuda Convertible" of the 

1970's collector truck world?

Show me your real 440 warlock


Let's see some REAL 440 Warlocks!

It would be great to know how many real 440 Warlocks exist! Please send pictures, information and documentation to of any real 440 Warlocks you have or you've seen or you know of from any of the years they produced them. Please include a picture of the VIN number or at least the first 8 digits of the VIN number AND a picture of the options decal. And pictures of the truck also! Your pictures and information will be kept confidential and only the year, the color, the options & the originality of the real 440 Warlocks that are documented will be posted. THANK YOU!

Current 440 Warlock List

  • 1) 1976, Black, 440, W100 Powerwagon 4x4, auto, A/C, PDB, PS, unrestored original
  • 2) 1978, Black, 440, D100 2wd, Canadian truck, restored mildly modified
  • 3) 1977, Red, 440, D100 2wd, unrestored 
  • 4) 1978, Green, 440, D100 2wd, Custom, restored
  • 5)
  • 6)
  • 7)
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